Therapeutical exercices

This intervention aims at prevention or at the reeducation of musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD). This program is addressed to people suffering from MSD of not traumatic origin or in phase of post-rehabilitation (as a supplement to the treatments of physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic), to people who, within the framework of their professional activities or of leisure, maintain prolonged static postures or who make repetitive or asymmetric gestures, as well as to the sportsmen who are affected by functional limitations further to former wounds. In every case, the objective is to restore in the body its optimal driving capacities and to warn the recurrences of hurts.

The first session

The first session aims at analyzing the possibles consequences of the wound or of the functional limitation: muscular assessment (strength and reactivity of the muscules involved in the mechanism of injury); flexibility and range of joint motion. Further postural

At the end of the evaluation,

an adapted therapeutic exercises program is proposed and demonstrated. You practise these exercices under the supervision of the kinesiologist to make sure that they are correctly executed.

The following sessions

The following sessions allow to revalue your condition and evolve your exercises program accordingly. The number and frequency of the sessions vary according to the nature of the wound of the wound or the functional limitation which has to be trated.