What is the best moment to receive a treatment?

Juste before an event, on the competition site, the pre-event massage ensures that the body is fully prepared for the activity by raising the internal temperature of the muscle. The techniques that are used involve fast and light movements and do not exceed a few minutes.

In a post-event setting (24h to 72h following the competition), the massage will be slower and deeper. It is also much longer. The goal is to regenerate the body and get it back to its full potential. It brings physical and mental wellness to the athlete.

How often should I get a treatment?

During the competition period, if you have events scheduled every week, you would ideally get treated at least every other week. If you train hard but do not compete, a treatment every month would be a good frequence.

Here are a few signs indicating that your body needs some help :

  • You feel that your body is not giving you 100% of its capabilities
  • You do not recuperate enought after a training or a competition
  • You feel pain or muscle tension that do not go away despite rest
  • You accumulate fatigue due to a high volume of training or a busy competition schedule
  • Stretching are painful as is the muscles were too short to be stretched
  • You are having difficulties to perform certain tasks or maintain a good posture (for example on your bike)

What does a treatment consist of and what are its benefits?

The treament combines several techniques :

  • Deep massage of the muscles involved during the activity
  • Stretching technique (passive, proprioceptive neuro-facilitation…)
  • Kinesitherapy (muscle activation techniques, joint mobilization, palpation)

The following benefits can be achieved :

  • Drain toxins away from the muscles
  • Maintain flexibility and elasticity of the muscles
  • Reduce fatigue and muscle tension
  • Reduce risks fo injuries
  • Improve motor performance
  • Alleviate pain

In conclusion

Sports therapy and massage are important . The treatment will depend on the type of sport of physical activity you are enrolled in, your training program, and the symptoms you will be seen for. Obviously, it is important to keep in mind that muscle imbalance or poor biomechanics may also be causing muscle or joint pain. The therapist will be able to identify what parameters should be worked on. K-Taping application and corrective exercises may be offered to optimize the effects of the treatment.

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