Running is one of the most universal and accessible sports. Unfortunately, if running is becoming more popular, injuries resulting from running are also becoming more frequent. Often time, a poor technique or an inadequate training regimen are responsible for the the most common pathologies caused by running. However, when we run at the right pace, with proper technique, while keeping a progression in our training, running is actually a safe sport and will provide many benefits.
We give you the opportunity to learn or improve your running technique with our programs suitable for runners of any level. These programs will help you start a running program safely, get back to running after an injury, or prepare for a competition.

Running gait analysis

A must-do for every runner. This session will include :

  • Video analysis of running posture and technique (outside)
  • Running gait analysis on treadmill : assessment of ankle motion
  • Posture and muscle testing (foot arch, knee alignment, hip placement, flexibility…)

You will walk away with advice and drills to improve your running technique and strengthening / flexibility exercises to correct muscle imbalance.

Running training

Our training sessions are offered to smaller groups than in most running clubs. This allows us to provide individual feedbacl and to ensure that everybody develops the right technique before adding volume or intensity. You will learn to run better, more efficiently, and stay injury-free.

Sessions include :

  • Effective warm-up to prepare the body for running
  • Drills to develop a good technique : posture, heel strike, arm movement, cadence, breathing and activation of core muscles
  • Safety considerations (injury prevention, running shoes…)
  • Interval training to build-up a higher VO2 max and endurance
  • Post-workout stretching

Trainings will take place in Lafontaine Park, Mont-Royal / McGill soccer field, or Etienne Desmarteau Park. To enjoy the best of running, come and join us!

If you are preparing for a particular event, like a marathon or a half-marathon, take advantage of our personalized coaching program.