who will blue

mêmes gestes

bulletpoint_bluePeople who often do the same gestures because of their job or passion.

maux de dos

bulletpoint_bluePeople who does not succeed in getting rid of their back pain.


bulletpoint_blueSeniors whose loss of autonomy affects the comfort of life.

                                                       expect blue

The initial evaluation lasts 1h30 and includes*:

bulletpoint_bluehealth check-up
bulletpoint_bluehistory of injuries
bulletpoint_bluephysical activity experience
bulletpoint_bluepersonal objectives
bulletpoint_bluepostural and musculo-skeletal analyses
bulletpoint_bluebody composition

This first meeting will give rise to adapted exercices that you will have to do in the comfort of your home or in a sport room.

Then, a personalized training plan of two sessions of 45 minutes will be planned where the kinesiologist will develop training plans that will help you to develop your physical abilities. A program can include strength, plyometrics, cardio… according to your specific needs. Training plans will be updated every 4 to 6 weeks. This work also includes mental preparation and sports nutrition.
Then, follow-ups can be added. The number and frequency of our interventions are always planned according to your needs. The objectives of the follow-ups consist in:
bulletpoint_blueevaluating your progress
bulletpoint_blueadapting your training plans
bulletpoint_blueensure the efficacity of the program
This program will help you in the following cases:

*Insurance receipt in Kinesiology can be delivered

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