Being autonomous and growing old healthy

The lack of activity within the seniors gives rise to numerous consequences, and among other : loss of articular mobility, decrease of the muscular strength, increase of the risks of falls, increase of the risks of cardiovasculair diseases and osteoporosis.

The body needs to be stimulated to slow down the physiological effects of ageing:

bulletpoint_bluePhysical exercise is needed

Physical exercise with the weight of the body or with weak loads fosters the increase of the osseous density. Without this repeated stimulus, the osseous density decreases and the osteoporosis make the bones more fragile, which could lead to fractures.

bulletpoint_blueYour hearth also needs to be stimulated

Women, who are less likely to develop cardio-vascular diseases than men, will have equal risk after their menopause for they are not protected any more by female hormones.

bulletpoint_blueWhen growing old, the body tends to lose its muscle mass

The sacropenie phenomenon is unavoidable but it can be slowed down thanks to the exercises. The preservation of a good muscular strength allows to realize every-day life tasks with less efforts.

bulletpoint_blueArticular mobility is a major component.

When the articulations lose their mobility, the driving gestures become more difficult to do. A strong and flexible body allows the seniors to keep a beautiful quality of life.

bulletpoint_blueFalls and their consequences (fractures…) are very often responsible for accidents for the seniors,

with sometimes disastrous consequences, since recovering is sometimes long and can result to a loss of autonomy.

At the end of the day, seniors should move, but move smartly. An adapted program, supervised by a certified kinesiologist who knows the issues of ageing is essential. It is never too late to begin a program of physical activity. One just need to start off on solid bases, that-is-to-say with an individualized supervision and respecting a progress, so that the body adapts itself to the changes. The reward? Have a better quality of life and age in good health!