Back health and posture

This intervention aims at evaluating and correcting biomechanical factors (posture imbalance, lack of joint mobility, weak or tight muscles…), which could lead to back pain or slow down the healing after an injury.People suffering from herniated discs, lower back pain, or other chronic conditions, may use protective mechanisms by restricting their movements or adopting postures which will weaken their back musculature. Crunches and static stretching do not offer a viable option to solve the underlying problem. A complete clinical exam is necessary to determine your functional limitations and develop an exercise program suited to your condition.

Step #1: the initial evaluation

The goal of the first session is a thorough musculo-skeletal assessment:

  • Breathing capacity
  • Vertebral mobility
  • Joint flexibility
  • Posture imbalances

Step #2:corrective exercise program

During the second session, a corrective exercise program is demonstrated. You will practice the exercises with the help of the kinesiologist who will ensure that every movement is performed correctly. Counselling for pain management and performing daily life activities in a safely manner are also provided.

Step #3: follow-ups

Follow-ups will allow us to re-evaluate your condition and modify the exercise program accordingly.