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We are specialized in functional and therapeutic training, counselling and education in physical activity and health, return-to-sports conditioning and sport performance.

Our kinesiologist, Eric Laily, holds a university degree and is certified member of the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec (FKQ). He is specialized in prevention and musculo-skeletal rehabilitation and also in the sports of endurance (running, cycling, swimming and triathlon). He combines his expertise and his experiences in sports to target an optimal intervention plan. His approach integrates the analysis and the adjustment of the postural imbalances which can affect the performance for the athlete and give rise to injuries. This gives us the opportunity to know each individual, his strengths and limitations, and to offer the best approach that will meet his needs and will allow him to develop his full potential, while preventing the risks of injuries.

Our sport performance services are not limited to high level athletes. We are, in fact, striving to share our expertise with active minded people who play sport on a recreational level, or take competitions as a personal challenge.

What is a kinesiologist ?

bulletpoint_blueThe kinesiologist is a healthcare professional, a soecialist of the physical activity who uses the movement for evaluation, treatment and performance purposes.

bulletpoint_blueThe kinesiologist obtained a university degree in kinesiology. He undertakes special training in this field in order to make use of their innovative techniques in physical training.

bulletpoint_blueThe kinesiologist takes into account all the parameters which affects the human being movements: anatomical, biomechanical, physiological and psychological parameters. Besides, he takes into account the individual factors (needs and personal objectives, chronic pains or wounds, medical histories, sport practised) in order to individualize its approach.

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Kinesiology means "the science of the movement": our objective consists in helping every person who meets functional limitations, or who needs to optimize its driving capacities, to achieve the tasks of the everyday or professional life with more ease, or to improve the efficiency of its sports movements.

Former wounds, a bad situation, or a badly executed movement are so many factors which oblige the body to adapt itself, and can cause in the long term repeatedly pains. The reeducation by the exercise -additonnaly to the manual therapy- allows to strengthen the foundations of the body and to develop a better biomechanics of the movement.

Thanks to its sport-medical approach, MyoActif will help you to move better and will be your ally for a optimal physical preparation.

MyOActif is intended for people who want to integrate health into their sports practice.

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MyOActif is also specialized in running analysis and in bike fitting. In the continuity of its mission, MyOActif wants to help the runners and the cyclists to improve their technique thanks to the eye of the kinesiologist who takes into account all the factors of the sportsman: not only the quantitative objectives but also the physical condition, the pains, the wounds and personal objectives. The kinesiologist works together with your trainer or your coach to answer a specific need, for example analyze the causes of a pain or a récidivante wound, or estimate your cardio-respiratory capacity to optimize your sport performance. His work completes and even facilitates the work of your coach.


We take action in these 2 fields:

bulletpoint_blue In the medical field, by taking into account wounds and functional limitation

bulletpoint_blueIn the sport field, by analizing the specificities of your discipline and the biomechanical and physiological factors of the performance which are connected to it.

The initial evaluation is the keystone of our approach. A musculo-scrawny balance assessment, a complete postural and performance analyses (running analysis, bike fitting, VO2 max test) allow to establish an action plan adapted to your reality. It can includes a program of exercises, sport therapy, or sessions of reeducation. Developing a good physical consciousness, improving the postural balance or correcting a technical gesture  can have a major impact on the human driving performance.

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